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Professional Dog Grooming Products

Serving dog show professionals and discriminating pet owners.

Making it easier for you and your dog:

  • Our products contain no harsh silicone, salts, chlorides, bleaches or other chemicals that leave residue, causing dryness and itchy skin.
  • Our products will not change coat texture, and are undetectable to the touch.
  • Wash out with regular shampoo. No stripping required!
  • Many Magical Touch products can also be used on human hair and skin.

Try the Magical Touch Of Grooming. We guarantee satisfaction, or your money back.

Featured Products for Show Dogs:

Animal House Coat Magic
Animal House Coat Magic
From $27.00
Animal House Leave N Luster
Animal House Leave N Luster
From $37.00
Magical Touch DeTangler Sensation
Magical Touch DeTangler Sensation
From $24.00
Sale! $21.00
Magical Touch Protein Plus
Magical Touch Protein Plus
From $28.00
Sale! $24.00

Meet the Owner: Deborah Cromer

Deborah started showing in 1993 with her first American Eskimo dog, and has been going nonstop ever since. Deborah learned about dog coats from the world's top shampoo manufacturers. In 2009, Deborah formed Magical Touch International, premiering her own line of additives for conditioners, self-rinse shampoos, and more.

Visit Us At AKC Shows!

You will find Deborah traveling up and down the East Coast at AKC Shows. Look for the purple tent. When you see the Animal House/Magical Touch sign up in the air, you know she is there!

Deborah is available for private consultation at all dog shows. She will go over your dog's coat and tell you what needs to be done to correct any problems. She will also share some show-grooming secrets with you!

Deborah also leads dog grooming seminars at shows and breed clubs. Email us for more information.

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